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The Journey Begins

Hello Followers,

Today, it begins I take the next step of running Kelly Denise Events!

It has not been comfortable doing so, but I know its a vision meant for me. There were a lot of “No,” “Kelly this isn’t the right time.”, “We can not afford you.”

Someway, somehow it is all happening! I am determined to make this company work for me. I wish I could do it full time, but for now, I will keep my day job. In 5 years or less this company will be amazing. It will be everything I visioned for me. No more changing names, no more feeling scared. This is it!

Kelly Denise Events will take flight on new heights tonight we start with completing a website. Did I tell you I am not tech-savvy at all? LOL. Thank God for Youtube. Stay tuned as I piece this business together piece by piece.



Owner of KDE – Tuesday, November 20, 2018, @ 5:45pm – My Desk – My Office- My Full-time Job

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