Meet The Team

Kelly Denise Events takes pride in bringing people together to build a team of excellence, professionalism, SWAG, and most of all, camaraderie amongst like-minded people who have a goal to get our young adults READY for the world!

Kelly Denise Awani, Creator of the Are You Ready Ball.

Erica Peterson, Parent Liaison Coordinator of Are You Ready Ball . Erica will assist us in coordinating all of our parents’ correspondence and ensuring parents will be informed on classes and rehearsals.

Carolyn Richardson, Parent Liaison Member of Are You Ready Ball . Erica will assist us in coordinating all of our parents’ correspondence and ensuring parents will be informed on classes and rehearsals.

Vanessa Cowan, Sponsor Coordinator of Are You Ready Ball . Vanessa will assist bringing sponsorship for our young ladies and men to offset their cotillion fees. Vanessa will also help bring awareness to “Are You Ready” for future projects to come.

Krystal Phillips, Fashion Coordinator of Are You Ready Ball . Krystal will find dresses, jewelry, and shoes for our beautiful ladies.

Brently Pearson, Fashion Coordinator of Are You Ready Ball . Brently will find the attire for all of young men participants. Brently is an American fashion designer from Mount Vernon ,NY. He is the founder of the luxury streetwear label Borne Perfect which operates out of Los Angeles. He’s also one of the favorites among celebrities creating custom looks and tailoring to perfection. Brently believes “Art Runs the World” and fashion is one of the greatest forms of art this world has to offer..

Chantel McHenry, Makeup Coordinator of Are You Ready Ball . Chantel and her team will coordinate our ladies’ natural beat makeup for the evening.

Kacie Anderson, Workshop Coordinator of Are You Ready Ball . Kacie will organize the classes for our young adults. Please see the workshops we will offer in the Are You Ready sessions. Learn more about Kacie in the Are You Ready Workshop Tab. Kacie will also be our workshop instructor for “Healthy Friendships/Relationships for Females”

Nicole Ransone is our “What Is Next?” workshop instructor. Nicole is a youth development professional with almost 20 years of experience across various organizations including Kaplan Learning Centers, the YMCA and The Boys’ Club of New York. As Assistant Clubhouse Director at The Boys’ Club of New York, in East Harlem, she strives daily to fulfill The Boys’ Club Mission of providing effective programming and a supportive community. From teaching a STEM class, to leading a college and career workshop, or playing a game of ping pong with a member, everything she does is rooted in her passion to serve. Nicole is a proud Seawolf, earning both her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from Stony Brook University. She is a native of and still resides in Mount Vernon, NY.

Chelsea White is our ” Mental Health Remix” workshop instructor. Adapt social worker, administrator, entrepreneur and women’s and children’s rights activist, Chelsea White is vastly experienced for any opportunity that allows her to advocate for excellent quality and thriving equality. Internationally, Chelsea has served as a leader best known for organizational dexterity, motivation through her counseling/educating, and results-oriented endeavors. As a clinician, Chelsea has served her community leading and building social service programs in NYC providing endless resources, wellness, and financial stability across multiple demographics. As an entrepreneur, Chelsea has founded The Christian Doula LLC Which provides services to minority women/families expecting children alongside postpartum and mental health services. As a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and confidant to many, Chelsea aims to be a safe-place and resource in her community while most importantly serving God in her ventures.

Cynthia Turnquest Jones is our Etiquette: Courteous & Cool workshop instructor. Cynthia known as “TJ” joined the New York City Department of Education learning alongside with students for the past twenty five years. You can find her sitting in the Arthur Tappan School RobinHood library surrounded by books and little readers. Her journey of joining in educational conversations, listening to expressions of dissatisfaction while coming up with ideas to cause an achievable solution is part of her DNA. She is known for pitching several successful unique ideas leading to a positive climate and cultural experience for young educators. Programming and events such as: Bronx Girls Rock, Literacy Night, Parents as Partners, Pep Rallies, Grab & Read, and Traveling Museums. Creating a space where Educational teams sit side by side with parents plus students, guiding them, and communicating with them in a nonjudgmental level, while building a rapport. Her journey as an educator inspired her to begin writing and intentionally including characters that our Black and Brown readers can connect to. Her pen name is Annie Turnquest which derives from her Mom being the only one who calls her Annie. She considers herself as a children’s book guru. This love started while studying to become an educator at Iona College. Her thesis was focused on Black History Children’s Books in grammar school all year and how essential it is because we cannot wait until February. Her first book comes from her own childhood, she went camping every year. But, the second short story derived from our current climate and the world she sees around her plus the daily observations and experiences she experienced COVID-19. She believe by focusing on the coronavirus pandemic which is fearful for our younger children, “Stay Inside”, opens the door of discussion which is essential for young minds.

Dr. Jeffery R. Wheeler is our “Effective Communication for Males” workshop instructor. Born and raised in Mount Vernon, New York to Mr.  & Mrs. Thomas (Edith) Wheeler, Rev. Jeffery R. Wheeler accepted Jesus Christ at an early age, through displaying a genuine love for both God and music in his youth.Favored by God, July 2011 Reverend Wheeler returned home to Mt. Vernon, NY after 20 years to serve as Senior Pastor of Mount Calvary Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, the same place where he grew up, worshiped with his family, received Christ and began in ministry.

Jamell Scott is the Principal at Amani Public Charter School in Mount Vernon, NY.  As the instructional and culture leader at Amani, he serves as the cultural arbiter for the community while ensuring that there is rigorous and engaging teaching happening every day..  He plays an important leadership role in the school amongst both the faculty and scholars. In the role as Principal, Mr. Scott is shaping his vision for the youth of today and making a significant impact on many lives within his community. During his nine years at Amani, Mr. Scott has held many positions including P.E. Instructor, Dean, Director of School Culture, and his heart, Athletic Director.  In this role, Mr. Scott worked from scratch to build an extracurricular and intramural athletic program that engages scholars in athletic activities while at the same time developing and demonstrating scholar-athletes for these young people.  In addition to all of the above, Mr. Scott is a graduate of the State University of New York at Cortland with both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Sports Pedagogy. He also holds a Masters’s Degree in School Building and School District Leadership from the College of Saint Rose. He is a father of four adorable children and husband to his college sweetheart of 15 years.

Henry Terry is our “Effective Communication for Males” workshop instructor. Henry Terry was born and raised in Mount Vernon and comes from a long line of community activists. Mr. Terry joined Mount Vernon SNUG 209 in May of 2016 as an outreach worker. He was promoted to the position of Outreach Worker Supervisor in October 2018. He became a statewide trainer for the DCJS SNUG initiative in December 2019, where he currently provides training for all new hires and those moving on to management positions. Being a proud member of SNUG, Henry has many other roles in the community. Such as cooking for the Senior Citizens through the Mt Vernon Recreation Department, serving as Deacon and Armor Bearer at Mount Calvary CME Church under the direction of Rev. Dr. Jeffery R. Wheeler, to name a few. Besides being a proud father and a loving husband, Mr. Terry is also the co-creator of the YouthCred program, in partnership with the Youth Shelter of Westchester and the Youth Bureau of Westchester County.This initiative trains and educates young men with troubled pasts to become credible messengers to other youth in the communities they once considered the problem. In this role, Henry provides leadership, mentoring, and conflict resolution to the community’s most underserved and misunderstood population. Mr. Terry has the unique ability to reach this population because he is a product of this very same community. He has been in some of the same predicaments and situations with which some young men were involved.  Giving Henry the ability to better connect with the people he is trying to help; because he can relate to their situations. His goal is to help young people not have to go through some of the same problems he went through and offer them a better outlook on life and their future. Mr. Terry has been profoundly affected by gun violence as he has lost many friends and relatives to this epidemic, and he works tirelessly to make sure nobody else has to feel the emptiness and pain of losing someone to gun violence. 

Marcus Rodgers will be our “Financial Literacy” workshop instructor. He was born in Harlem, New York and raised in the Bronx. Marcus always had an entrepreneur spirit at a very young age. He has had experience in the entertainment industry and did business with artists such as “Trey Songz” and “Fabolous”. He always was curious on how to get ahead in life financially without the expense of others. One day he stumbled upon a book called “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and it changed his life forever and he never looked back. Marcus curiosity led him to get himself involved in real estate as a real estate investor and started the process of building wealth. Upon his journey, he realized that what our youth and the masses are missing is financial education. He wanted to teach the youth and masses what he has learned to bring awareness to help people realize that they have a choice and they are options to jump start your life by learning and educating them about the financial game.  Sharing this information is fulfilling to him to see people grow mentally and see a new side of them that they didn’t know was there all along. Educating the world is an important purpose and this will lead to financial freedom for themselves and their family. 

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