The Journey Begins

Hello Followers,

Today, it begins I take the next step of running Kelly Denise Events!

It has not been comfortable doing so, but I know its a vision meant for me. There were a lot of “No,” “Kelly this isn’t the right time.”, “We can not afford you.”

Someway, somehow it is all happening! I am determined to make this company work for me. I wish I could do it full time, but for now, I will keep my day job. In 5 years or less this company will be amazing. It will be everything I visioned for me. No more changing names, no more feeling scared. This is it!

Kelly Denise Events will take flight on new heights tonight we start with completing a website. Did I tell you I am not tech-savvy at all? LOL. Thank God for Youtube. Stay tuned as I piece this business together piece by piece.



Owner of KDE – Tuesday, November 20, 2018, @ 5:45pm – My Desk – My Office- My Full-time Job

3 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Great site

  2. Looks good, kudos for tackling this yourself.

  3. Business is is moving in great direction the vision of kelly will make any event and any day spectacular

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